softball training for the offseason

Softball training and hitting drills for the offseason

It might be right in the dead of winter and you might still be recovering from the excess of Christmas, but don’t let these minor details derail your softball training. Offseason is when we build strength, speed and agility. You might turn your attention to other sports in the winter months, but you should still put in some time to getting ready for the season.

We all know what it’s like to start the season with a weekend tournament and feel like death afterwards. You spend the first half of the weekend re-learning the game and second half trying to make your body do what it could do at the end of last season. With a little preparation, you’ll be game ready by April and avoid the slow start to the season.

Try these training techniques and hitting drills for the offseason.

1. Plyometrics

If you don’t already, try to include plyometic training into your workout. This type of workout helps to build explosive power, which is great for running, hitting, and control. In softball, you can only run as fast as you can stop, so if you find it difficult to stop on base, or to get any speed in your running, these exercises will help. These also help to increase joint strength, so if you worry about turning an ankle while playing, this is for you. Just make sure that you on a flat surface and give yourself plenty of room.

2. Arm mobility

So much of good hitting is about understanding the mechanics of your own body. Increasing mobility in your arms will not only help with batting, but it will also help your throwing arm. Anything you can do to increase mobility in your shoulder is going to decrease your chances of getting injured. You can also work some of these moves into your pre-game warmup.

3. Core training

So much power in hitting is generated from your core. If you aren’t already including core training in your workout, this needs to change. You can do a quick 10-minute core workout at the end of your cardio training and it can even be a great way to cool down. Better yet, sign up for a pilates class at your local gym and you’ll soon be feeling a lot more stable.

4. Batting drills

If you’re anything like me, you can hit the ball on a good day, but it isn’t going as far as you’d like. Using a simple batting tee and a larger ball, these batting drills helps you to learn how to use your entire body to generate power.

5. Who to follow

If you want endless sources of inspiration for your training, you need to follow Softball Strength Academy on Instagram.

Softball training and hitting drills for the offseason

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