how can a cage improve your softball training?

There’s no substitute for time spent in a batting cage. Unfortunately, the UK hasn’t been blessed with a whole lot of options in this arena. We figured it was time to change all this. Get your team the training they deserve and work out those kinks in your swing in a professional (and stupidly fun) environment.

Our professional batting cage is 60ft long by 20ft wide with a height of almost 15ft. That’s enough space to comfortably swing a bat, even if you’re 6ft tall. The cage can also be set up inside or outside, so there’s no need to worry about the British weather trashing your training session.

With a professional grade pitching machine you can enjoy endless perfect pitches, with just enough variation to help you spot a ball from a strike. We use proper match balls, which means you don’t need to worry about destroying your bat on the dimpled horrors you’ll normally find in batting cages. We can also provide helmets and bats if required.

Our pitching machine is ideal for slowpitch and fastpitch softball players. We are also planning to make provisions for baseball players in the future. (Sign up for our newsletter for updates!)

Our softball batting cage is ideal for:

  • fastpitch softball training
  • slowpitch softball training
  • team training
  • events
  • fundraisers
  • parties

If you’d like to book the portable balling cage for your next baseball or softball training session, use the form to request your booking. We’ll get in touch to confirm the date and make sure your preferred site is suitable for the batting cage.

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