the ultimate team building experience

If you want to give your employees a chance to try something different, our portable baseball batting cage is just the thing you need. Whether you have a company softball team and want a bit more practice, or you’re looking to bring a touch of the American spirit to a launch or event, we can help!

This is the UK’s ONLY batting cage available to hire, so you can be assured your event will be unique and draw a crowd. We provide all of the equipment you need to get your employees or your guests at the plate and swinging for balls. We provide bats and helmets and will be on hand to reload the machine between batters. All you need to do is form an orderly line and get ready to hit it out of the park (or to the back of the cage).

The batting cage is ideal for:

  • Team building
  • Launch events
  • Fundraisers

The battingĀ cage is quite simply huge and will be a strong presence at any event. The cage is 60ft long by 20ft wide and around 16ft tall. The vertical columns are fitted with velcro so the entire cage can be dressed up with your company branding.

If you’re running anĀ American themed event, what could be better than setting up an authentic American batting cage?

We love companies that reward their employees with fun activities. Why not book the batting cage for an afternoon of stress relieving fun? The cage can be set up anywhere with a 60ft x 20ft clearance on flat ground ā€“ a car park is ideal!


We’ll be appearing at events up and down the country throughout the year. If you’d like to sponsor the cage during one of these events and see your branding on a 60ft long batting cage,Ā get in touch!Ā 

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