teach your kids to hit and steal

If you want something truly unique at your child’s birthday party, you can’t go wrong with a proper American batting cage. Batting cages are few and far between in the UK, and this is the only mobile batting cage available for children’s party rentals.

For the uninitiated, a batting cage is a long tunnel used for softball and baseball training. The batter stands at one end of the tunnel and hits balls pitched to them by the pitching machine. After they’ve hit a few balls, they collect them up and pop them back in the machine and then have another go. It’s fun, energetic and super competitive. Perfect for kids aged 7+.

A round of balls takes about 2 minutes to deploy, so the kids aren’t waiting around for long before their next turn.

Boys and girls will love to have the chance to smash a ball across the batting cage. We can set the cage up outdoors on grass or indoors, provided you have a clearing of 60ft x 20ft on flat ground.

We provide all of the safety equipment, including helmets with face masks. The helmets are cleaned after every booking, but if you are concerned, we would recommend the children wear baseball caps under the helmets. Baseball caps can be provided for an additional fee.

We also provide bats suitable for the children’s size and will also be on hand to operate the machine and teach the children how to hit the ball. Safety is our number one priority so we only ask that you have an adult on hand to watch the kids and ensure they are following instructions from The Pop Up Batting Cage team.

If you’re ready to book the UK’s only mobile batting cage for your next kid’s party, get in touch using the form to confirm availability. We will get back to you to confirm your dates and to ensure you have the right location for the cage. If you’re struggling to find the right place for your batting cage, we can help by recommending suitable sites in your area. 

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