unique wedding entertainment ideas

Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

As someone who is currently planning a wedding (yay!), I can say with complete confidence that planning a wedding is hell. I’m in the early vision board stages and already I’m thinking about sacking it all off to elope. Napkins and place settings be damned! That said, there is something exciting about planning your perfect day. And the evening entertainment is one thing that I’m most excited about.

Unique wedding entertainment ideas

Choosing the right wedding entertainment for your big day is just as important as getting the right cake or the right dress. There are loads of obvious choices, like a DJ or lawn games. But if you’re anything like me, you’re going to want something a little more unique. I’ve been trawling Pinterest and found some of the most unique wedding entertainment ideas around. Here goes…

Foodie entertainment

Sometimes the food can be a spectacle in itself. Street food is a great way to keep your guests happy, particularly if they weren’t at the main meal. You could also opt for a buffet around a theme, like BBQ or even a pretzel bar with all the fixins. A pick n mix bar by the dance floor could also help to keep everyone’s energy up well into the night.

For the kids

Parents will have more fun at your wedding if the kids are kept busy. Make sure there’s a programme for the kids running alongside the grown-up entertainment. A card decorating station is a great way to keep little hands occupied. It will also give you some lovely mementoes to keep. Other fun ideas for kids include a milk and cookies stand, kid’s movie screening or even just a basket of bubbles. Kids love bubbles.

Batting cage

Obviously, this list was always going to include a batting cage! Baseball fans aren’t the only ones who want the batting cage at their wedding. It’s fun, energetic, unique and encourages some serious heckling. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, then setting up the batting cage is a great way to make a huge impact and catch your guest’s attention. It’s a great option to keep your guests entertained between the ceremony and reception while you’re busy taking pictures.

Low key alternatives

As a person who hates dancing at weddings, you have to realise that some people HATE dancing at weddings. For all the people who aren’t going to be hitting the dancefloor for any longer than absolutely required, it makes sense to offer some alternatives. Board games or video games are a great way to bring people together and give people something to do other than waiting at the bar or hovering awkwardly around the dancefloor.

Documenting the day

You don’t have to stick to a guestbook, there are loads of ways you can document your big day in a way that keeps your guests entertained. If you’re after lots of great pictures of the big day, give your guests a disposable camera and a list of things to take pictures of. You can also great a video booth where your guests can leave you a message to watch on your first anniversary. Other cute ideas include signing a Jenga block or leaving a message in a bottle.

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