about us

The Pop Up Batting Cage is the UK’s only mobile batting cage – that we know of. Batting cages are hugely popular in the USA, but they’re only just making their way across the pond. Mobile batting cages can be used for recreation or training.

Our pop up batting cage can be set up indoors or outdoors, provided we have enough floor space and ceiling height. The cage is fully enclosed with a door on each end. The JUGS pitching machine features a remote control ball feeder and chute that holds 20 balls.

Laura Howarth The Pop Up Batting Cage

my story

The Pop Up Batting Cage is owned and operated by me, Laura. (With occasional hard graft from my fiancé, Brian.)

I was first bitten by the batting cage bug in 2015 while spending the summer in New Jersey with Brian and his family. Brian introduced me to his local batting cage, Gino’s. According to local legend, the bats, helmets and balls haven’t been replaced since Brian was a little slugger – a testament to the longevity of batting cages. 

We visited the batting cage every single day. Many balls were hit, many more were missed. My palms developed blisters from the ancient and crumbling bat grip so I bought my first pair of batting gloves. At this point, I was fully invested and there was no going back.

I returned to Manchester and discovered there was an active softball league in Didsbury. I went along to a single training session and then agreed to play in a weekend-long tournament with the encouragement of the wonderful Barflies/Basehunters. It rained 80% of the time and I loved every second of it. I was welcomed into the Barflies and I’ve been disappointing them on a weekly basis since. Outside of softball, I’m a freelance copywriter and digital marketer. 


Start small and dream big. The Pop Up Batting Cage started out as a plan to open a permanent batting cage facility in Manchester. After trying and failing to find the right space, I decided to pivot the idea to a mobile business. The Pop Up Batting Cage was born.


At the heart of everything I do is the need for purpose. I want to make softball and baseball accessible to more people. I want to help more people discover this incredible sport and I want to help to develop UK baseball and softball on the international stage.

Future Plans

One day, I hope to run this as a social enterprise. This means that profit from the business will go back into running community projects to help more people into the sport. Right now, I just want to focus on getting the business on its feet.